• What is Rails Camp?

    Here are some basic FAQ's to help

  • First off...

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    Is this just for rails developers?

    NO. When it all started in Australia it was just for Ruby and Rails developers and designers, but we welcome all backgrounds in development and design.

    Lodging...Are we camping in tents?

    You can certainly camp if you want but we will be in cabins. Think kids summer camp style lodging, available for all attendees. There will be a coed, female and male only cabins available. Bring a sleeping bag, towels, and pillow this year!

    What will we do?

    The idea of Rails Camp is to relax and unplug; which could include either working on a project / learning something you've been putting off or just playing outside and making new friends. If there are any cool things built over the weekend, we will have demos on Sunday evening. When we aren't reading/pairing/coding/learning/building new things, attendees can go hiking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, hike the PCT trail, go on the climbing wall, try the ropes course, play board games, and of course sing karaoke!

    Is it really completely unplugged?

    Yes. The point of all Rails Camps is to find locations that have no cell or internet reception. We want people to hang out and talk with out being distracted like at normal large conferences. (With that said, if you do plan to code we recommend to have your environment set up before coming to camp and use tools like Dash. We have a local wifi network, rubygems mirror and an npm mirror server setup so your bundle install should work. Still, don't decide to reset your local dev environment the night before the camp.)

    Will there be talks?

    Yes, but they may not be too structured. It'll run like an unconference, anyone can give a talk or lead a discussion and we will organize a google doc before camp and have a board with schedule at camp.

    I just want to unplug and hang out, is that cool?!

    YES. Like I said above, you don't have to be a developer and I definitely wouldn't expect to sit around and talk about programming. Most people don't so you can spend the weekend however you want. It's all about hanging out with friends, playing outside and exploring.